Standing Desk

Sitting few hours in the office is not natural. There is always an alternative. Simple, but efficient. It might take a while to get used to it.

About me

I am web developer. Developing ASP .NET MVC, MS SQL Server, Azure.

Currently I am using Lenovo X260 and ASUS MB169B+. I like X260 for amazing battery life. I prefer to have display on separate height than my keyboard. I still have not found the perfect device which would allow me to use it as a laptop and also detached keyboard, which would work with the display wirelessly (or even with the cable). So that is the reason that I am testing the external display with it.

Before that I was using Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Great device for standing desk (dissapointed with the battery life). I had an external keyboard so I could have perfect position for my head and for my hands.

I've been practicing standing at my desk daily since 2013. At that time I had back pain (lower and upper). All gone ;) (I also improved my diet and incorporated daily yoga which all had helped)

I don't have fixed office but work from home. Or usually hotel. Anywhere. Everywhere. There has not been a place where I could not set up standing desk within minutes.